10 08

Countdown for the Paul Horn Hall

Building on schedule: work has gone into top gear on the interior construction, façade cladding and rooftop greening of the new trade fair hall

Many trades are currently engaged on construction of the Paul Horn Hall. The tenth hall on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart is in the process of being fitted out with everything you need for trade fair operations of the future: telecommunications, light, air, electricity and heating on the inside, while on the outside, work is in progress on the façade cladding, and sealing and greening the façade.

Inside the hall, once the cement flooring is completed, the floor covering will be laid and the metal ceilings mounted. Diverse steel construction work and anti-corrosion protective coating were necessary, not to mention tiling and plastering. Steel and laminated/wood inside doors and mobile partitions have been built in. As Kai Bierich, architect in charge and Managing Director of wulf architekten, responsible for planning of the new hall, explains: "At the moment we are working simultaneously on the hall flooring and ceiling. Piping and wiring for electricity, compressed air, water and telecommunications are being laid in the utility ducts in the ground, which will then be sealed by covers. The ceiling is also being fitted with technical equipment including approx.1,650 spotlights and lamps.

Rough assembling of the outer façade is due for completion by the end of August. Finishing work and function tests will take place until the end of September. We are more or less up to schedule on construction," says a pleased Jonas Lechler, Site Manager, from Jo Carle-Architekten. A statement that is music to the ears of Ulrich Kromer, President and Board spokesman of Messe Stuttgart: "Nothing now stands in the way of the completion of Paul Horn Hall for the opening in January 2018 with the CMT, the world's largest consumer show for tourism and leisure. By then Messe Stuttgart will have extended its exhibition space from formerly 105,200 to 120,000 square metres. This was urgently required since we were no longer able to meet many of our customers' wishes for more space."

At the moment around 100 to 120 employees work daily at the construction site, where everything is bustling with around 15 cherry pickers, small cranes, telescopic forklifts and silo trucks for greening the roof, all of which are deployed in and around the hall.

Huge quantities of material have been used at the construction site. Around 11 kilometres of lines have been laid for heating, cooling, drinking water, waste water, sprinklers, compressed air and fire extinguishing water to meet the hall's facility requirements. Eight room climate units in the air handling systems condition (heat, cool or convey) around 360,000 cubic metres of air.

The figures are even more impressive for the electro-technical facilities.

A total of 16 kilometres of main wiring alone was laid for the medium voltage supply to distribute electrical energy to the actual power grid. The 220 V electrical installations need 170 kilometres of wire, with another 52 kilometres for low current, fire alarm devices and controls. Some of this wiring runs through 15 kilometres of newly installed cable ducts.

Covering an expanse of 1,900 square metre, the drywall ceiling was mounted for the roof, along with around 2,700 square metres of suspended metal and lath ceiling. The walls were clad with 1,800 square metres of tiles.

There is still a lot to do before the first fair stands can be set up. However CMT exhibitors can already look forward to an airy light-filled hall with elegantly curved wooden girders and state-of-the-art technology.

Every year Messe Stuttgart organises around 70 trade fairs and exhibitions in Stuttgart, including 50 events of its own and around 20 guest events. They include public exhibitions, trade fairs and high-tech trade fairs. Messe Stuttgart is also represented by its own subsidiaries in Istanbul (Turkey), Atlanta (USA) and Nanjing (China) in order to participate on the trade fair market in those countries. The ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart also plays host every year to a large number of congresses, conferences and other events. More than two dozen rooms are available to accommodate these events for - depending on their size - 20 to 4,900 people, offering a total capacity of 10,000 places. With a hall turnover factor of 15.7 in 2016, Messe Stuttgart ranks as one the most successful trade fair venues in Germany and Europe.