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Calendar of Fairs and Events

Here you can find the trade fairs in Baden-Württemberg in different categories.


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offerta "Offerta" is a public fair with a constant upward trend. Karlsruhe, 25. October 2014 - 2. November 2014
Aquaristik-Tage Ulm - 4. Fachmesse für Aquaristikfreunde The aquaristic is a very special passion and probably the most relaxing hobby in the world . The... Ulm, 30. October 2014 - 2. November 2014
Haus & Heim - 34. Ulmer Herbstmesse The Ulm Exhibition GmbH is one of the leading exhibition companies in Southern Germany . Our trade... Ulm, 31. October 2014 - 2. November 2014
Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen, 31. October 2014 - 2. November 2014
Mein Hund - Partner auf 4 Pfoten Inform trends from the world of our four-legged friends and allow detailed advice . And :... Freiburg, 01. November 2014 - 2. November 2014
Trau - Die Hochzeitsmesse The TRAU , largest wedding fair in the region is expected in each year with high voltage . It... Mannheim, 01. November 2014 - 2. November 2014
Trau Mannheim Die Messe Trau Mannheim ist die Hochzeitsmesse mit Stil und eine exklusive Verkaufs- Informations-... Mannheim, 01. November 2014 - 2. November 2014
Global Connect GlobalConnect is the forum which will provide companies with answers to all questions relating to... Stuttgart, 04. November 2014 - 5. November 2014
VISION VISION, the world's leading machine vision trade fair, is now switching to a two-year cycle. It... Stuttgart, 04. November 2014 - 6. November 2014
Plaza Culinaria The Plaza Culinaria is the most important culinary experience and sales fair in southern Germany.... Freiburg, 07. November 2014 - 9. November 2014
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